Do you see what I see? Do I see what you see? (WP Prompt)

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Today’s writing prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress:

The Mirror Crack’d

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

I’ve always wondered if we use mirrors to see how we look to ourselves or do we really use them to see how we think others see us.

I’ve heard of a woman who didn’t use a mirror for a year and then wrote a book about it.  She said she felt better about herself after her experiment.  My question is this, did she dodge mirrors because she didn’t want to see how she looked or because she didn’t want to see how she thought other people see her?  I think what happened is that she got away from mirrors long enough so that the wound in her psyche, which was created by how she perceived she looked to others, was healed.  Then when she looked in the mirror, she saw herself, not how she thought others saw her; her perception of self became rooted in who she was as an individual and not in what society told her she should be.  She experienced the joy of finding her authentic self.

We all must decide what a mirror means to us; we must decide what we see when we look at ourselves in a mirror.  For some, a mirror is merely a tool; it helps us to get debris out of an eye, to not back our car into a pole and to shave off stubble.  For others,  the reflection we see of ourselves defines us, for better or for worse.  In the end, we each have the power to decide how a mirror fits into our lives and if we allow it to define who we are.
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