What’s This About?

One day I was sitting in a coffee shop considering my writing and a thought popped into my head.

Nobody will ever give me a prize or a penny for wanting to write or for wanting to write more.

Good writers write a lot.  Professional writers write a hell of a lot.

I do a fair amount of writing.  I write in blank books with attractive covers, I write in composition books, I write in little-bitty books that I can carry with me when I go places.  I type stories on my computer. Even with all the writing I do, I still don’t spend enough time writing to become good writer.  I need to write more.  I need to develop my writing style and learn more about grammar and punctuation   Most of all, I need to have feedback about my writing.   I intend to use this blog to address these needs.  I’d like to be a good writer and my hope is that my efforts on this blog will help to achieve that goal. Who knows, even though it’s probably unlikely that I’ll ever get a prize for my writing, maybe someday I’ll get a penny.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

K.C. Kildress